NEWSFLASH! “Interesting Times” has been awarded “Album of the Year” at this years Danish Music Awards, and our citternista extraordinaire, Ale Carr, has been named “Musician of the Year”. We are of course well chuffed, and very pleased to be a part of such a vibrant and inventive folk scene here in DK! Who knows what great music someone will make tomorrow? In the mean time, let’s have a beer? Yes?

NEWSFLASH! After an interminable and tortuous period of nail-biting, for us anyway, our album “Interesting Times” has finally come out on vinyl! Celebrate by visiting our release page, and ordering an LP for the collection!

Basco really just want to tell you some stories. Their music is complex and varied, from hard hitting, high-speed reels full of rosin dust and sweat, through sweet and melancholy tunes that tell of loves won and lost, through fitful fever-dreams of fractal complexity and fascinating texture, to old, traditional songs that when you come down to it, are really just about sex.

Basco’s material is nearly all original, stealing shamelessly and frivolously from Scandinavian, English, Celtic and American idioms to create a kind of organic, soupy stew – full of vitamins and anti-oxidants.

If you give it a chance, it’ll lure you into the forest, give you a magic sleeping draught and keep you prisoner in a gilded cage in a tower on a hill in the darkest reaches surrounded by briars until a prince comes and saves you. But in a nice way, obviously.

Dazzling … Basco were definitely the weekend’s most popular discovery, with tremendous ensemble verve and richly textured arrangementsThe Scotsman

Basco have released several albums by now, (all of which are pretty good, and some of which have won quite prestigious awards) which you can buy here on the home page, and have made a couple of music videos, which you can see here as well.

Also, they look amazing in pictures, what with their Apollonian features and perfect, toned bodies like a quartet of Olympic athletes. You can see the pictures here as well, but please – they could be dangerous if they fell into the wrong hands, so treat them responsibly.

Have fun looking around the site.