Violin Viola

Andreas Tophøj – fiddler, viola player (oh well) and lion tamer. Andreas is our resident professor of applied rhetoric, and also does the accounts.

Violin Mandolin Vocals

Hal Parfitt-Murray – Fiddler, mandolin player and lead singer with mercurial charm and really nice scarves. He also cleans up after the monkey.

Accordion Trombone

Anders Ringgaard Andersen – Accordion player, Trombone wrangler and horn arranger, Anders also takes care of any fighting off of groupies that needs to be done. An utterly and completely charming man. That’s not a joke, it’s just the simple truth.


Ale Carr – Citternista extrordinaire and part time dragon slayer, Ale represents Basco’s contact with the Old Ones who will rise up at the End Times and engulf the world in tentacles and fire. But he’s really sweet and has loads of kids and you wouldn’t think he was like that at all.